Challenge #8

Challenge #8, January 8, 2011: Learn a joke.


About onechallengeaday

I am searching for nothing and absorbing everything. My eyes are open--I am wondering, I am wandering. I was made to run, to think, and to write. And that is what I plan to do.
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9 Responses to Challenge #8

  1. Sy says:

    So, learn a joke? Not tell a joke I already know. It’s about 11pm, right now. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

    • If I meant tell a joke you already know, that is what I would have written.

      • Sy says:

        I was just thinking out loud, there is no way you would know the difference, but check this out, I just read one of the stupidest jokes I’ve ever heard. If you want me to explain it to you afterward I will. Here’s the joke.
        An Indian walks into a bar and sees a big bug on the bar.
        He points to it and tells the bartender “Ug, big bug.”
        The bartender says, “squash it,” but the Indian just shakes his head a repeats, “big bug.”

      • I certainly wouldn’t have laughed at that, but that is probably because I do not understand it. Please explain?

        Also, I’m sorry I don’t always reply to your comments. I appreciate them (even when you’re being an asshole), but I do not see the value in responding if either a) my reply would be mean or b) I don’t have anything worthwhile to respond to/with. But thank you for the comments, feel free to continue. Or don’t–my blog and I will survive either way.

  2. Sy says:

    I’m glad you’re not too offended and I really do wish you the best. Here’s the joke. When the bartender said “squash it”, the indian was hearing “Squaw Sh..(excrement).”
    That’s it. I know, who thinks of this stuff?
    and just so you know, I don’t mind you calling me an asshole in the least, that’s probably one of my better traits.

  3. Stef says:

    I adore Chuck Norris jokes, and here is one I learned just now for this challenge: “There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris, but it was changed because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives.”

    These crack me up. 🙂

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