Challenge #18

I’ve been moved out of the house for almost two years, but I still talk to my mother almost every day. She has been, by far, the biggest influence in my life. She is also probably the coolest person I know. I will probably mention her frequently in this blog. Today is one of those times. This challenge came from a new year’s resolution that my mom had a couple of years ago–one that I think most people can benefit from (myself included).

Challenge #18, January 18, 2011: Think before you speak. We so often talk for reason unrelated to communicating necessary information. We talk to fill silence, we talk to get attention, we talk when we don’t know what else we do. We repeat things we’ve already said, ask questions we have already asked. Silence isn’t that bad, I promise. Today, think before you say something, decide what you want to say before you open your mouth. Talk with intention.

Also, I apologize for the pretty lame/very late challenge yesterday. I’ll have a bit more time from now on πŸ™‚


About onechallengeaday

I am searching for nothing and absorbing everything. My eyes are open--I am wondering, I am wandering. I was made to run, to think, and to write. And that is what I plan to do.
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11 Responses to Challenge #18

  1. This is the story of my life. I am a talker. I talk way too much. All of my talking has gotten me in a lot of trouble this past year and I have made it, or have been trying to make it a goal to think before I speak.

    My GF is an english teacher and analyzes every word that comes out of my mouth. She often corrects me in the way I say things, or is confused by my motives by which I say things. Sometimes, my brain isn’t even thinking about what I’m saying and then I say things that make no sense, piss people off or get me in trouble. I am often too transparent and somethings are better left unsaid. I am learning this all too fast.

    I’ve said too much πŸ™‚

    • Ah, a word analyzer with a self-proclaimed talker–that could be an interesting match! I hope she is able to know that perhaps some of the things you say have no underlying meaning! Sounds like she may be able to help you avoid getting into trouble with your words.

  2. Silence can be pretty awesome, especially that comfortable silence with people you know well. ^^

  3. Stef says:

    Interesting… yesterday I wrote a post about my mom, and my mother-in law. I think perhaps my two days were inverted with yours. πŸ™‚

    Words are powerful, indeed; I strive to act with intention. I’m not always successful – but I am working on it.

    (Check out the second post on this page:

  4. sy says:

    I didn’t think your challenge was lame yesterday. I was just busy. Hi Stef.

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  6. Judy B. says:

    This week was a whirlwind of busy-ness for me, and I’m just now catching up on your challenges. I loved your comments about your mom. My daughter and I have an awesome relationship. We are Buds. Besties. Whatever the current word of the day is for that — we’re it. Hang onto that with your mom. It’s an incredibly great gift!

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