Challenge #35

I am in a German airport and paying for internet, so I’m going to make this fast.

Challenge #35, February 4, 2011: Be friendly today. (To be honest, this is mostly for me as I am quite shy upon first meeting people, and today I will be meeting tons of new people.)


About onechallengeaday

I am searching for nothing and absorbing everything. My eyes are open--I am wondering, I am wandering. I was made to run, to think, and to write. And that is what I plan to do.
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5 Responses to Challenge #35

  1. Stef says:

    I appreciate your dedication to your blog, to 1) craft a post while traveling (internationally, no less!), and 2) pay a fee to upload your post.

    Yesterday was a semi-rocky day for me interpersonally, so this is a timely reminder. I will do my best. Good luck to you as you meet new acquaintances!

  2. rochelle0704 says:

    You are an inspiration to me. Wishing you all the best on your new adventure.

  3. sy says:

    Well, you’re not so shy that it keeps you from getting out there an doing things. Maybe you’re just cautious, and you should be.
    I’ve known other people who have studied abroad. It’s scary, but the one thing that helped is that many of the people they met were doing the same thing, and were just as scared or uncertain.
    I’m sure you’ll make the best of it.

    • You are right–I`m not the terrible shy that some people are, the kind that keeps me from doing thing I want to do. I´m just shy when it comes to talking to people. Hopefully I´ll get over it–or maybe they will just think it is because I can´t speak their language 😉

      Everyone I have met so far is also studying abroad, and you are right, it makes it way easier because they understand exactly what is going on in my mind! 🙂

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