Challenge #67

Challenge #67, March 9, 2011: Turn off your computer, turn off the TV, and read a book.


About onechallengeaday

I am searching for nothing and absorbing everything. My eyes are open--I am wondering, I am wandering. I was made to run, to think, and to write. And that is what I plan to do.
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3 Responses to Challenge #67

  1. Stef says:

    Amen sister! 🙂 Currently I’m reading “Lucky or Smart?” by Bo Peabody (and “Power Yoga” by Cheryl Binder Birch – but that one may not count as it is ‘required reading’). I’d love to learn about what others are reading…

    • I’ve never heard of ‘Lucky or Smart.’ Is it good?

      I am reading Poland by James A. Michener. My aunt read it while she was in Poland, and sent it to me. I thought it would be a neat thing to read while I’m here. I’m also listening to Slaughterhouse Five on tape for a class. 🙂

      • Stef says:

        “Lucky or Smart” is a good read – it’s about entrepreneurship, but is written in a *very* conversational tone (i.e., not corporate-speak), and is a very quick read. I’m enjoying it.

        I’ve never read Slaughterhouse Five – though I know I should. I read “The Things They Carried” in high school – and it was a bit much for me back then. (It’s about Vietnam; pretty intense for a 14-year-old.) Interestingly, though, I just received a notice from the library this morning that a Vonnegut book of short stories is being held for me… Looks like I’m meant to have a rendez-vous with Kurt. 🙂

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