Challenge #125, 126

The last couple of days have been full of stressful phone calls, strange emergency rooms, doctors that wear jeans and think that eyes are called ears, good friends, and a lot of pain. I’ve often gotten styes in my eyes, and I thought that was what was happening last Sunday night. By Wednesday morning, though, I realized that something else was causing the swelling and pain in my eye and face. Of course I googled it, freaked myself out thinking there was something seriously wrong with my eye, and sent my mom a text saying that I was nervous and didn’t know what to do.

I went to a doctor that advertised his ability to speak English, then promptly called my eye and ear, and later an emergency room.
Now, unless you’ve been in Poland, you will hardly believe the way the polish emergency rooms work. A city of 700,000 people has one on call, non-emergency hospital each night, and the hospital changes by the night. (At least, this is what I gathered from the broken English of a wonderful helper–I may be wrong.) Two wonderful friends and I found the open hospital–made apparent by a lit up sign, signifying that that was the hospital open last night. I had my eye looked at, got a bunch of prescriptions, found the 24/7 drug store, and got them filled. I went to bed feeling alright. When I woke up the right side of my face was swollen, and I felt terrible. I talked to my mom and wonderful aunt, considered just flying home to get some decent healthcare, and decided in the end to go back to the first doctor. There was a specialist there this time, and it was determined to be a type of cellulitis–something that could get very serious if untreated. I am continuing to take the antibiotics, and should be improving soon. I’m also going to Norway tomorrow, which boasts a great healthcare system, and the family I am going to be staying with promised to take me to the doctor if necessary. So it looks like it is all taken care of.

I can’t imagine being my mom in this situation. Having a daughter scared, in pain, in danger, unable to get any kind of adequate care, and halfway across the world must be an absolutely terrible thing. I know she got very very little sleep last night, and I am sure she is still worried. Oh, I love her so much.

Challenge #125, May 5: If I had not continued getting help, I would possibly be in a lot of trouble at the moment. If I had not gone to the emergency room, my infection may have began to spread to my eye socket, compromising my sight, or to the vessels that lead to my brain, compromising my life. Of course, it may have never gotten that serious. But I am so thankful that I trusted my instincts (and the constant words and worry of my mother and aunt) and continued looking for help. Today, don’t let stress or the possibility of something being hard to do stop you from doing something that you know needs to be done.

Challenge #126, May 6, 2011: And like I said, I am going to Norway tomorrow. So here is one for tomorrow. Appreciate your health! I never seem to notice head until it hurts, and then I wish I could forget it exists. You may not be completely healthy, but I’m sure not every part of you is sick or hurt. So today, thank whatever you believe in for whatever health you have. And even more, honor that health by doing things that are good for your body.


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7 Responses to Challenge #125, 126

  1. Chris Howard says:

    Thank you sweetheart. I tear up with relief every time I think how scary this situation has been and that hopefully you are getting better. Also it has been very hard for me to think about you going through all that strange medical stuff without me there and feeling crappy at the same time. I am so thankful for your friends…again! I have thought alot about what you said on the phone-that you came to Poland for the experience and that was what you were getting and that was alright. I think that is a great idea to apply to life and can be summed up in one of my favorite phases ‘wear life like a loose jacket’. Maybe I could work this into a challenge…taking life on life’s terms when you have to. Easier said then done when the internet tells you that you might be dying or going blind. I think you have done an amazing job handling your situation! I can’t write more now…but I really love you and I hope feeling good and good times are in your very near future, after a good night’s sleep.

  2. I hope your eye gets better soon! Good luck with everything in Norway!

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  4. A Well Wisher says:

    I hope that you get well soon…take care.

  5. sy says:

    You have my best wishes, hope to hear you are back to normal soon.

  6. Stef says:

    I have accomplished both of these challenges with my year of yoga:

    I hope Norway was both helpful and enjoyable, and that your eye and face are healing nicely. Here’s to quick recovery, and sustained good health once it is achieved.

    Feel better Amelia!

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