Challenge #157

A few weeks ago, I was very upset about something unimportant (thought is was important to me at the time), and I called my mom to complain about it. She ended up laughing about something I said, and that deeply hurt my feelings. Admittedly, I was in some strange emotional state, and hugely overreacted. I hung up on her, and a bit later, received an apology text. By that time I realized that she certainly didn’t mean to hurt my feelings and that my reaction was not particularly warranted. Essentially, I was over it. I wasn’t mad or hurt anymore. But instead of replying letting her know that I forgave her, I sent a mean text back, telling her how much she had hurt my feelings. Even though I had forgiven her, some part of me didn’t want her to know that yet. I still wanted her to feel bad that she had made me upset. That was immature, selfish, mean–all things that I do not want to be. 

Challenge #157: Give yourself adequate time to overcome hurt feelings, but as soon as you do, let the person know that you forgive them. Knowing that you have hurt someone you love is such a horrible feeling, so if you are no longer hurt, tell them. You are not upset anymore, there is no reason for them to be. 

P.s…mom, if you read this and even remember this event, I’m sorry and I love you.


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I am searching for nothing and absorbing everything. My eyes are open--I am wondering, I am wandering. I was made to run, to think, and to write. And that is what I plan to do.
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2 Responses to Challenge #157

  1. Chris Howard says:

    I totally remember and was pretty confused. But I was mostly just glad once it had passed and I was never mad at you. It did make me want to be more in tune with your moods and know when it was not a time to joke around because that is very maddening. Thanks for the challenge! I have been in those shoes also. I love you! and am glad you are doing challenges occasionally again. Chris and I are still talking about the trip and need to talk to some employees. Have a great day!

  2. loubyjo says:

    ahh thts nice the reply from you i can understand where you r coming from due to the aspergers i find it difficult to forget and even more to forgive not looking for excuses that is the way it is things get trapped in my mind and will all of a sudden think of an event and get upset even if this was yeons ago, I wish i was different as i expect people to forgive me !! it is true when i read a bout forgivness it sounds an easy thing to do but it is not but it is really you who is suffering when you dont forgive interesting post !!!

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